Wooden Ladybug Pull Back Toy For Kids (Pack of 2)


Wooden Ladybug Pull Back Toy: Sustainable Ladybug Zooms & Sparks Imagination. Encourages Active Play & Motor Skills. Shop Now!

  • Pull back and watch it zoom: A simple pull back sends the ladybug zipping across the floor, encouraging active play and cause-and-effect learning.
  • Perfect for little hands: The chunky design and smooth finish make it easy for toddlers to grasp and control, fostering fine motor skill development.
  • Durable for endless adventures: Built to last from sustainable wood, this ladybug can withstand countless journeys and imaginative play sessions.
  • Sparks creativity and imagination: The ladybug’s charming design and playful nature inspire endless storytelling possibilities, nurturing your child’s imagination and sense of wonder.
Image Description
Eco-friendly Wooden Ladybug Pull Back Toy for Toddlers. Encourages Active Play & Imagination.
Wooden Ladybug Pull Back Toy For Kids (Pack of 2)
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