Wooden Peacock Royal: Hand-Painted Premium Décor

 540 2,399

Wooden Peacock Royal: Hand-Painted Premium Décor – Elevate your space with regal opulence. Limited edition luxury for a majestic home ambiance.

🪶 Versatile Statement Piece: Whether gracing your living room, entryway, or study, this wooden peacock seamlessly integrates with diverse décor styles. Its versatile design allows you to make a bold statement in any setting.

🌈 Rich Color Palette: Revel in the opulence of a rich color palette that elevates the overall ambiance. The hand-painted details not only add visual appeal but also signify the richness of cultural heritage.

🇮🇳 Cultural Grandeur: Embrace the cultural grandeur of India with the Wooden Peacock Royal. Rooted in traditional artistry, this piece brings a touch of heritage into the modern world, creating a perfect harmony of the past and present.

Limited Edition Luxury: Elevate your surroundings with an exclusive piece of art. The Wooden Peacock Royal is a limited edition creation, ensuring that your décor is adorned with a unique and prestigious masterpiece.

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Wooden Peacock Royal: Hand-Painted Premium Décor
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